Feel Your Best in Your Nest

5 Tips on Creating a Happy Home Through Interior Design

By United Realty Group

Your home should be your haven, your happy place. If you are looking at ways to spice up your home use these tips and tricks to make your home an oasis you will not want to leave. There is no need to stress, after reading this article you will be left with five tiny tweaks that are easy, quick, and affordable. These strategies will leave you feeling your best in your nest.

1. Become A Plant Parent

Indoor plants to boost your mood

Put those plants everywhere! Making the simple fix of adding live plants to your home is one of the easiest ways to level up your design. By adding indoor plants you will boost your mood and productivity around the house as well as reduce your stress level. This is a quick and cheap way to a happier home.

2. Color, Color, And More Color

Bright throws and pillows to add color

It can be scary to add bright colors to your walls especially if you have no experience in design. But, it is super fun and easy to add bright throws and pillows to your bed or couch. Pick a color scheme and stick with it. Everyone loves white and beige linens, now pair those with one or two of your favorite colors. This will elevate your home and look as if it was done professionally.

3. Get rid Of All That Clutter

Drawers with clever storage to de-clutter

This is an obvious one, but really this is life changing. By removing clutter from your home you will experience lower stress levels and a happier life. Clutter-free living is the only way to live. This means keeping decor to a minimum and getting rid of your junk drawers once and for all. Having a place for every item will help you to stay organized and rid your life of unwanted items. This can also be a benefit for your wallet as it will keep you from purchasing duplicates of items you already own.

4. Give Your Walls A Makeover

Family photos on wall for motivation

Dressing your walls with family photos will make your home happier in seconds. Pick one wall in your home to create a collage of different photos from your favorite vacation or family event. Seeing these photos daily will increase your mood along with motivating you to work hard. Here is an awesome example.

5. Find The Right Lighting

Bright home with lighting for productivity

Creating the right mood for your home all depends on choosing the right lighting. This is crucial and can be a make or break factor. Living in a lighter, brighter home will actively increase your productivity levels. Depending on your style, choose to keep it modern, traditional, or classic. The most important aspect is keeping your design cohesive.

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